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The first time the duchess halted by my side, I whispered to her to calm her gushing spirits, not to meddle with her dress, and for public opinion's sake, not to step so high. I said she could get over just as much ground at a moderate gait; and, beside the noble grand duke, her father, might happen along at any moment. I might as well have talked to the wind. She only laughed that characteristic laugh of hers that silvery laugh that I could recognize anywhere if I were to the leeward, and then, bending a little, she grabbed up the sides of her apparel with both hands, began to jerk it to and fro in a violent manner, threw her magnificent head back and skipped furiously away on an Irish jig step, all excitement, wild hilarity, distracted costume, frenzied motion! A spectacle to seal the eye-balls and to astonish the soul of a hermit!
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