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Thank you for visiting us here at QuotesInternet.com. When I say "us", I really mean me and thousands of Internet visitors such as yourself who have helped make this site what it is today. My name is Rob and I am the Webmaster of QuotesInternet.com. I have been collecting quotes for 15 years now. Originally, I would include a random quote in my email signature and news group messages. Ever since I have been involved in web development, I have had some form of "quote of the day" or "random quote" feature on my websites. This site is dedicated 100% to quotes that both visitors like yourself and I have found over the years. Thanks to those of you whom have traded your quote collections for mine, there are thousands of quotes here for everyone. I have put them all together here on one site for all of us to enjoy.

While I can only hope that all of these quotes are accurate, it is impossible for me to guarantee it. Many of the quotes have been traded to me by others. There are just too many to verify. If you see any quote, name or tag that is incorrect, I would appreciate it if you contacted me via the link below.

This site has been designed to be a community. Visitors may "tag" (categorize) jokes by adding tags (keywords) to individual quotes. Then, when you search for that tag or visit that tag's category, you will find the quotes you have tagged. Over time, this allows the quotes to beome more organized and more easily searched. Everyone will appreciate it if you help and add tags to quotes where it makes sense.

I'd like to thank you again for visiting QuotesInternet.com and sincerely hope you enjoy your visit. If you have any questions, concerns, comments or any quotes to submit, you may contact me using the information below:

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